Special Launch for the 1st of January 2017


On the first day of the new year, Sign4change is proud to launch the CROWD4HUMAN RIGHTS AWARENESS: PARTICIPATIVE HUMAN RIGHTS CHANNEL AND PLATFORM !!

This Platform provides a compilation of visions and perceptions of human rights on a global scale. Grounded also on specific human rights topics, interviews, project based video clips and human rights relevant content. Emerging from a broad range of horizons, notably from students, human rights professionals, academics and individuals. Enabling for responses to questions and to complement upon the topics discussed through the mean of video.

One of the core objective of Sign4Change is to drive awareness on human rights and promote them.

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION in case of interest please send us your video, which can be individual or in group describing your perceptions and visions on Human Rights, on specific human rights topics, interviews and related topics.

Your participation will help to promote awareness on human rights, THANKS for your contribution!

For the first English-speaking video, Sign4change thanks Sunny from Yangoon for his contribution:



For more information: info@sign4change.today

Change has started – be a part of it, Today!

Illegal, discriminatory, violent content or content which goes against the values and objectives of Sign4Change will not be accepted for publication. By sending us your video, you agree for its use by Sign4change for the purposes of the platform and guarantee that you are the owner of the images and/or that it complies with the usual copyright standards. The videos published on the CROWD4HUMAN RIGHTS AWARNESS platform do not represent the opinions of Sign4change or its members.

The Sign4change legal terms are applicable.